Sunday, June 27, 2021

we have a winner !

I grabbed this tin to put all your names in. 
All neatly folded. Held it high so neither Ellis or I could see inside. Ellis drew out a name and here it is!            Congratulations Elizabeth!
Before he picked out the name he asked,
"Are any of our children in this drawing?"  
I said, "Yes, Dea, Krysta, Liz and Chelsea." He wondered what we'd do if we picked one of our girls! That's exactly what happened through no fault of our own. Thank you for coming to my blog and enter- ing this drawing. I loved all the comments about your favorite flowers! You can preorder Shari's book from Amazon. 
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Liz said...

Oh wow!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!

Dawn Harshbarger said...

You are welcome! I'll send it as soon as the book gets here. It has been preordered.