Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Travelogue

April 16, 2018

It's in the middle of the day in Edmonton, AB. The street lights are on - it's that gray and cloudy. or should I say grey since I am in Canada. What a whirlwind of events for the past month or so. We (Mom, my sisters and I) didn't know if we would come on this trip or stay at home.

At last it was decided. Yes, let's go! The search for tickets begins. Motel reservations are made.  A vehicle is rented. Trenda is our travel agent. She's doing a superb job. Maria is flying from Ontario to Edmonton. Our cousin, Laura, flying in from Mosinee WI. All plans forward to go to AB, Canada to help our aunt, Norma, celebrate her 80th birthday. All of Norma's siblings are planning to go except for two sisters. Laura is going to represent her mother, Sharon. Jo Ellen and her husband have plans to go to Belize instead.

Mom and I planned to leave early Saturday morning, April 14th. When we heard the weather forecast we changed our plans and left Friday evening after my bus route. We were ahead of the storm. We arrived at John and Ladina's house about 10:00 pm. Sleep was wonderful!

The next morning John and Ladina served a brunch of Belgian Waffles. They are famous for these brunches! Jorgan and Zoey, Jerry and Mandy and Pat and Taylor came, too. We got to meet the newest member of the family, a little son born to Jerry and Mandy. His name is Grayson. He joins his big sister, Bailey. We got reacquainted with Paisley, Pat and Taylor's daughter.

After brunch I went with Jorgan and Zoey to see their house. Jorgan shared some of his birthday pie. Peanut butter pie! mmmm! Made by Zoey's mom, Kim. It was amazing! I had a few things to pick up at Wal-Mart and Zoey got her pizza, then back to John's for a pizza supper. Jerry, Trenda and Brooke came over. Also Jeremy and Janine with their three sons. We had Papa Murphy's pizza plus Janine made a couple yummy pizzas, too. This was a great evening with lots of family joining us for supper and coming over to see Grandma. There are so many cousins and now so many little people, Mom's great-grand children. So much fun!

We are on the way!

- to be continued