Sunday, April 24, 2022


"Do you have Grandpa's book?" I asked my children on our family chat. I found some extra ones in my book shelf that need to find homes in some other book shelves. A small start to begin emptying our house. 

🌺  Cheers!!  💕 

We went to Nevada over Easter vacation. 
    Blue sky between rain and snow showers. 
          I'm not very good at taking selfies.
     Here we are with our beautiful rental car.

We came to southern Idaho to visit Deanne and took a road trip to Nevada.

                 The scenery was amazing!

                          Shoshone Falls

We heard about record breaking snow fall in other parts of the states. Fortunately - for us - north of where we were. 

    Of course we missed Jasper immensely!
         He is learning to sit up by himself!

                        What big eyes!

The pictures are backwards in time. Here we are on March 30th having coffee cake and tea for Krysta's birthday. 
(Photo credits of Jasper go to Krysta)
Last, but not least, my beautiful sister, Ladina. She is back home in MN after heart surgery. We are all so grateful for healing and thankful she is on the road to recovery. (Photo credits go to my niece, Janine.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

winter wonderland

"What's the first thing you think of when you go through a tunnel?"

My sister, Trenda, asked me this as we traveled on the PA turnpike that last week of December. 

I thought for a little bit and then said, "Princess Diana."  (The bigger answer is her accident and death)

Trenda said, "Only a sister would get that answer right."

I tried the same question on Ellis as we traveled north on Hwy 61 with Lake Superior visible out the passenger side window. We went through several short tunnels. He was stumped and couldn't think of the right answer. When I told him - Princess Diana - he asked, "Was that accident in a tunnel? I didn't remember that."

Why would we travel to the north shore in March where the temperature next morning was -5?

Naniboujou Lodge near Grand Marais MN
My sister, Ladina, discovered this lovely place a few years ago when she and John were on a ride on Hwy 61. She happened to glance back and saw a large building through the trees. They turned around and went back and had a meal there. 

They have weekends open in the winter (February and part of March)  then open again in the summer. 

John and Ladina and Ellis and I braved the cold and snow and went North for a get-a-away in March.

photo credits of the lake: Ladina Martin
view from our room
We explored the town of Grand Marais and also took a site seeing drive on the Gunflint trail looking for moose. These cute moose painted on a tray were the only moose we saw.

We were on a search for books and baskets. 
In the room next to the grand dining room there were tables and couches and conversation nooks where we played games, read books and caught up on life.

One of the other guests asked Ladina and me if we are twins. We are 14 months apart in age. Mom has been known to say she felt like she was raising twins when we were little.

If you want to go north in the winter this is a great place to go. Now, of course, we want to go to the north shore in the summer and find some Lake Superior agates and wade in the water.

Saturday, February 26, 2022


Jumping into the middle of a scene in Corrie ten Boom's childhood... 

Betsie was helping Nollie and Corrie get ready for school. They arrived at the breakfast table - late. 

Betsie pointed to the Frisian clock on the stairwall, and with a finger on her lips silently opened the dining room door. It was 8:12: breakfast had already begun. 

"Two minutes late!" cried Willem triumphantly. 

 "The Waller children were never late," said Tante Bep. 
"But they're here! said Father. "And the room is brighter!" 
- end of quote from The Hiding Place Corrie ten Boom with John and Elizabeth Sherrill 

When someone is late for church or some other event this is what I imagine God, our Heavenly Father, says. 

"They're here! And the room is brighter!" 

This is what I say, quietly to myself, when someone is late. 

I am grateful for grace and mercy extended to me when I am late. 

I may never know what complications came up that cause a late arrival. 

Is it any of my business? Probably not. 

Best wishes for a peaceful Sunday morning getting ready for praise and worship to the King of Kings!

Sunday, January 30, 2022


 Crossing the Ohio River on a ferry    
   between Kentucky and Illinois 
                January 22, 2022

Crossing from Galveston Texas to the main land on a ferry.   March 2021

It's gotten to be a tradition - ride on a ferry every winter. 

            And more pictures of Jasper!

Friday, January 28, 2022

P.S. Dea's adopted classroom

photo credits Deanne Harshbarger 

I didn't ask permission so I didn't post a picture of the adorable students sitting in those desks.

Here's a project I've been working on this month. 

Therapy ... designing a blanket, sewing it together, remembering days gone before.

Now, I  really do have to run.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

cheese ball and crackers

December is the month for snacks. Cheese ball and crackers are at the top of the list. I don't remember where Mom got the recipe in the first place. I think it called for Velveeta cheese, cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, thinly sliced deli meat chopped very fine ...

Our recipe has progressed to sharp cheddar cheese, grated. Any assortment of favorite grated cheeses, with whipped cream cheese mixed in. Add a cup of sour cream to make it easier to stir. Sprinkle in a pkg. of ranch dip, a little garlic powder, oregano, basil, some Lawry's seasoning salt, finely chopped onion if your family tolerates onion. Mix, spread on crackers, eat, smile. Watch your family gather around ... 

I made a batch yesterday afternoon while we played a game. Our supper was barbecued pork, cheese ball and crackers, sliced cheeses and summer sausage, lime flavored finger jello, apple pie and ice cream. 

Auntie Trenda joined us to meet Jasper. He has many great aunts to become acquainted with. 

Today Trenda and I are heading to PA, munching on snacks as we drive across Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We watched the sun rise in a beautiful sky. Drove in some fog, now it is cloudy with patches of blue sky peeking through. 

Many years ago my family lived in Indiana in the summer then traveled to Rosedale, Ohio so Dad could go to Bible School. I'm thinking of four small girls and Dad and Mom in our car. I can imagine we had snacks to eat and dolls to entertain us. 

Of course, this was in the days before car seats and seat belts were the law. I don't suppose our baby sister wore disposable diapers. Were disposable wipes even invented yet? 

Today, we saw a most disturbing sight. A van was parked on the edge of the road and a  urinal was being emptied into the grass in the median. We are traveling on toll roads. I guess the bath rooms are few and far between. 

We couldn't ask for nicer weather. The temp is in the 40s, no snow, rain or ice in sight.

Here is Jasper's Great Grandma, Marmee, and three Great Aunties - Trenda, Maria and Ladina

Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 

Photo credits: Deanne, Krysta and Zoey