Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

9-27-2014 is a date that will stay in my mind for the rest of my life. Six years ago my dad went home to meet his Savior. We miss him more and more as time goes on. 

My dad was always ready to read a good book. Yesterday I found a story I had never read before. This book tells what happens when a family meets Jesus for the very first time.

Ellis and I were out for a Saturday drive. Garage sale signs swooshed the pickup right off the road and down quiet streets on a search for some new treasure. In Brownsdale we found some books. Ellis found his favorite author. I moved around the table and found childrens books. One took my eye.

I had never heard of this book or this author. The words on the back of the book told about a dreadful family full of bad boys and girls who terrorize the local school and community. The title of the book said, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! My interest was stirred. I decided to risk fifty cents and bought the book. Worst case scenario I could throw it in the local recycling bin.

We hadn't gone far when Ellis started getting sleepy. I asked if he'd like me to read the book outloud. Before we knew it we were laughing at the absurd situations described by a 5th or 6th grade girl who is telling the story. She was in the same grade as Imogene - one of the little terrors. She tried to stay as inconspicuous as possible to escape all notice by Imogene, a girl who smoked cigars and threatened girls in her grade by saying, "I will push a pussywillow into your ear and then you will have a pussywillow bush growing out of the side of your head!"

In between stops to deliver merchandise for Hog Slat and browse at more garage sales, I kept on reading. To the very end. By that time Ellis was sniffling and I was all choked up and barely able to read. 

There are lots of hilarious stories in this book that will have you laughing out loud, but the main part of the story is - God with us -Emanuel - and some naughty boys and girls who meet Jesus for the very first time.

Imagine you have never heard the Christmas Story. Imagine hearing it for the very first time. I am usually not a fan of starting the Christmas season too early. This year I think I'm ahead of the local stores. If you have a chance to read this book it will change the way you think of Christmas this year - maybe every year from now on.