Wednesday, January 16, 2019

January 2019

Dear Friends and Family, It has been a long time since I've written. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered there is a blog that should be updated. December flew by with wings as we prepared for Christmas and a family reunion. It just gets more and more complex with varied work schedules, vacation days and all the joys of winter travel. 

Jeremy and Elizabeth Harshbarger

Evan and Chelsea Harshbarger

Krysta and Deanne Harshbarger

Jorgan and Zoey Harshbarger

Allen Nolt and Krysta Harshbarger 

Leona Skrivseth
(my mother)
Deanne traveled by train from western MT. Allen and Krysta picked her up at the train station Christmas Eve morning. They had a leisurely trip home with some sight seeing thrown in (the capital building in St. Paul) and a stop at Chick-fil-A for sustenance. The train ride was 24+ hours so Dea was a bit hungry.

They were giving me time to get the table cleaned off. It has a habit of being perpetually full of stuff and very messy!  These are the pictures I sent Dea to admire. She said, "Wow! So we can come home now?" Then I sent her the next photo in the line-up.

All that stuff had to go somewhere ... and it was time to wash dishes.
I texted, "I want my mommy!"
She texted back, "I want my mommy, too."
I think we were quoting Odyssey.
Or maybe Ree Drummond.

We had a wonderful time.
It was way too short.
The week went way too fast!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
 Best wishes for a Happy New Year from our family to yours!
Love, Ellis and Dawn Harshbarger