Saturday, October 10, 2020

Pearl India Nolt

 To you - my friends in blogger world - I want to introduce you to our beautiful granddaughter who was stillborn Wednesday  October 7, 2020. This was completely unexpected.  Allen and Krysta heard a strong heartbeat on Monday.  Tuesday afternoon /evening at the beginning of labor there was no heartbeat. They had been planning a home birth with a midwife in attendance. When there wasn't a heartbeat they immediately transferred to the hospital where an ultrasound showed the baby had died. Krysta was able to labor and deliver Pearl India Nolt at 6:13 AM Wednesday morning. 

There is no explanation.  Some tests have been done but no results are back. 

We were able to hold Pearl in the hospital room. We took turns  saying hello and goodbye.  This all sounds very cold and unemotional, but you all know our heart's are crying.  

Allen and Krysta spent all day with Pearl. They bathed her and dressed her and wrapped her in a soft blanket. We took pictures.  I am so glad we live in a time when we are allowed to grieve.  Encouraged to grieve  ... 

We have plans for a visitation Sunday afternoon.  The Worlein Funeral Home in Blooming Prairie  MN is helping with all the arrangements.  You can go on the website and get information of times and dates for the visitation and funeral. 

We are supported by the God of all comfort and so many people who are praying for our family. 

Pearl India Nolt 
7lb. 6oz. 19 1/2 in.
Safe in the arms of Jesus