Sunday, November 30, 2014


I created a dilemma it seems.
    Since this is the first time
          I have ever written a review

 -- and offered a giveaway
  I probably did it all wrong --
You see - I need names to put in the drawing.

I will get professional help and see what can be done
to solve this problem.    =)

I will ask my daughter-in-law what to do!


Anonymous said...

this had me laughing...some of your posters didn't even leave a name Anonymous has the best chance to win. Other bloggers have said, "NAME won. Please contact me with email so we can get the book to you." Seems your commenters share your naïveté.

little-shack-in-the-boondocks said...

A lot of us are new at this! "Winging it"
you might say.