Sunday, June 12, 2016

Birch Trees


Our lone birch tree died. It was too shaded by huge maple trees.

(The yellow-bellied sapsuckers didn't help it either.)

Ellis cut it down along with a tall pine tree that was also in the shade.

Yesterday we were in Rochester returning lumber to Home Depot
                        and attending a pancake brunch.
I mentioned to Ellis that Krysta and I talked about giving him a
    birch tree for a combination Father's Day / birthday gift.
We pulled into Hy-Vee to mail some packages and looked at their selection
of trees. They had lots of trees and a sign declaring shrubs and trees were 30% off.
                       But would there be any birch trees?
We found a choice of three tubs each with three - four little birch trees in a clump.
What fun to walk down a row of baby trees with the leaves rustling all around my ears.

We decided to think about it while we went to our friends' back yard pancake brunch.
Since we parked a block away we strolled along the side walk and would you believe it?
There was a clump of birch trees in a yard we passed by. There was a low retaining wall
around them with river pebbles at the base of the trees and an assortment of shade loving
perennials growing. Now I can't even think what kind of flowers because I was looking at
the trees. That's what was wrong with our poor tree. There should have been a clump of birch trees together. Instead, whoever planted it 40+ years ago planted only one.
But it had lived a long life in company with the maple trees, pine tree and
lilac bushes in our front yard.

Now I think Krysta and I have just made a lot of work for Ellis by purchasing
a clump of birch trees for his Father's Day / birthday gift.
Oh the things we do to keep him young and agile!

* These pictures were found on Google Images.