Wednesday, May 15, 2013

everyone said we'd jump into summer

Two weeks after the snow storm we had a heat wave . . . 90* and higher.  The bus route was extremely warm.  Wind whipped dirt into the open windows as we drove across gravel roads.  The fresh air of the country swirled in and students scurried to close the windows and then it felt like  there was a real danger of suffocating.  We survived. 

When it cooled down a bit, Krysta and I took a drive in the car without air conditioning.  We oohed and aaahed at the blue of the sky and the puffy white clouds.  We ended up at our friends' place where a new baby ~ just one week old ~ was admired and cuddled.  The baby yawned and stretched and peeked at me through half opened eyes.  We relaxed on the front porch.  A border of tulips swayed in the breeze.    

Krysta was surrounded by a flock of little girls.  They skipped around showing her calves, bunnies, and chickens.  They ended up at the swing, giggling and taking turns swishing through the air.  Krysta got a chance to hold the baby and all the girls posed for the camera in the front lawn with the tulips.  Six beautiful girls . . .

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