Thursday, October 24, 2013

One of these days

There are many "posts" swirling around in my head --
they even have titles.
like - Knitting Class. 

This was composed on our oldest son's 31st birthday as I sat in a
knitting class and tried to remember how to cast on stitches. 
I found out knitting is like riding bike.  It comes back to a person
and it seems quite easy even though it has been years
since I picked up a pair of knitting  needles.

Then there is a post called Panera Bread. 
(I hope that's how it's spelled.) 
wait - I have a phone book -
a quick peek -  yes!

Ellis and I have a standing joke about that restaurant. 
One year I suggested we go there for our anniversary. 
My friend had told me lovely things about Panera Bread.
It was getting dark when we pulled up close to the door. 
As the head lights of the car shone across the building
I heard Ellis mutter loud enough for me to hear,
"I have an uneasy feeling about this."

I asked him, what's wrong, and he said, oh nothing at all. 
We went in and ordered soup and sandwiches.
We found a quiet corner and started playing a game of
Trivial Pursuit while we waited for our food. 
This is just something weird we do so we won't be like some
couples we've seen who eat the whole meal in silence. 
or worse yet -- talk on cell phones to other people.

At last our delicious food came and we started eating.  

It was wild rice chicken soup . . .  no 
chicken wild rice soup . . .

whatever it's called . . . 
and delightful homemade bread. 

While we were sitting there eating and playing Trivial Pursuit
Ellis leaned over the table and said,
"I used to eat soup and homemade bread at home. 
Now I have to go to a restaurant to get it."

That tickled me for some reason, and made me mad at the same time,
but I said he can choose the restaurant next time.

We went to Red Lobster when our anniversary rolled around again.

` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
And the last post is:   More Apples

Monday evening we all bundled up and picked the last of the apples. 
I thought we should have done it on the weekend some time,
in the day light . . . and when it was warmer.  Didn't happen. 
So it was heading toward 20 degrees,
very dark and very cold. 
We  thought there were just a few apples left, but we were wrong. 
I'm guessing at least ten more buckets. 
That's five gallon buckets, not ice cream buckets. 
We lined up the cars and pickup with head lights shining to light up the trees
and the ladders and the apples.

I offered to go inside and make soup and sandwiches.
My pleas were not heard . . .  we must all attend!   =) 

It was a nice feeling to finish the job and trick Jack Frost out of painting our apples.

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On the Hill said...

LOL!! Enjoyed your post, esp the part about the Panera bread...I've also heard nice things, but am sure that Ivan would be much like Ellis!! They just 'don't' get it that a woman just is happy for the break...even if it is just soup and bread! It was some soup and bread that we don't have to wrack our minds about, and just enjoy!! :-)