Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vacation in Western Montana March 22nd - April 1st


     We went to MT to see Miss Dea.  She is teaching school at Trout Creek. 
                                         Krysta went horse back riding with a friend.
     Miss Jo             Miss Dea                               Krysta                  Jorgan

                                     Swinging bridge  at Kootenai Falls

                                                             Pizza supper at the park


We visited my brother over Easter week end. And here they are at a cave Sunday afternoon. 

       When we were packing Krysta said this would be her first *real* vacation. 
   She was quite small in 2000.  We were in Idaho for Hans and JoAnna's wedding.

                                          In 2003 Evan went to a boy's camp. 
                                  Jorgan, Krysta, Evan and I drove out for that. 
              Timothy was a baby - now he is 10!  Krysta was five - now she is 15! 
                      She got to celebrate her birthday while we were out west.

                                        In 2005 we had a family reunion in Idaho. 
                   All of Krysta's *vacations* were in the first seven years of her life.
                              Until now she has had to put up with week end jaunts.

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